So Long Lake George RV Park, the Season is Over

For the last two Summers we have been going to Lake George RV Park in Lake George NY.  We took a site for the Fall season and we came to Lake George every Friday evening after work.  We enjoyed coming to the park and recorded many memories to someday look back and remember.  The park is one the most beautiful places we have visited offering many amenities to its guests. We were most impressed with the doggie park. It is divided into two areas one for large dogs and the other for small dogs. Like at any other park you will find a vending machine, but this one contains many different kinds of doggie treats and toys.  There is a fountain that looks like a fire hydrant, agility games, trails and lots of land for the dogs to run and have fun. I often told our friends the doggie park is better than the children park!!  We have no children so we are OK with having such beautiful place for our Pudgie and Lady bug to enjoy and have fun.  There is even a bathing tub to get them cleaned before we brought the dogs back to the camper.  We visited many places in Lake George and the surrounding areas during our weekend visits and even learned some history.  We spent the last two days preparing to leave the campground and getting the RV ready to go to be winterized for the upcoming winter season.  This Fall went so fast it is hard to believe it is time to go.  As we seat by the camp fire in this cold evening, we will plan our next adventure.  We decided that although we have enjoyed every time we came to our Fall home at Lake George RV Park, we are moving on next year to visit other parks in the different places.  Winter will not hold us back from finding an adventure because we know that there is always fun around the corner!

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