Preparing for the Camping Season

It has been a long winter!!!!

The view from my office window is of barren trees and snow covered ground but soon preparations for the first camping trip will be on the way. Taking trips to where I store my Keystone Cougar travel trailer (TT) which I named Genesis only makes the wait for the camping season seem further away.

To make sure I start fresh when the season begins, I remove most things from the rig before she is put away for the Winter. All linen, towels, utensils, toiletries, food, pans, etc. get put into bins and washed before it is brought back to the trailer. The interior of the trailer is thoroughly cleaned and all pipes are winterized. Before I put everything back I engage in the task of reorganizing and removing those things I have not used in a while. Staying within the weight limits of the rig is very important and as new lightweight products are developed is always good to reassess and replace. The rig still has lots of accessories from when I started RVing, some no longer fit the need of my new travel trailer and must be replaced. As I prepare for the new season I have compiled a list of my hand-picked best products to bring this coming season. You can easily purchase them by clicking on the link of the name of the product. Although there are many others you can find in my new “shop” tab that is under construction.

My Hand-picked items:

  • Essential gadgets to keep safety while on the road
    • Emergency road lights – A few months ago my truck broke down and I needed to ignite a flare.  I always carry them but never occurred to me to try to ignite one to practice. I couldn’t start the flare and was afraid that an amber could start a fire. These 6 pack easy to use emergency lights require AAA and has LED warning lights featuring a super bright blinking red/orange. They have a magnet so they adhere to the truck.
    • Surge protector – Power surges should not be a worry when you are enjoying camping.  My favorite protector is the Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector. I plug in to the campground post, wait a few seconds, and it immediately tells me if there is a problem with the post.  If the dog lights up am all good to go and ready to plug my rig.
  • Inside the RV favorite picks
    • Collapsible kitchen bowlsSafe temperature resistant & easy clean space saving bowls make it easier to store in the RV small drawers.
    • Stackable Can Rack Organizer – Lack of storage in the rig has been a challenge.  To help I converted part of the entertainment center into a pantry but needed a rack to hold cans.  Using different organizers products stay in place while traveling especially the cans.
    •  Paper Towel Holder- My rig did not have a place in the bathroom to install a towel holder, a fellow camper suggested this holder which hangs from the cabinet avoiding adding holes to the RV walls. It can easily be removed and it does not obstruct the door from closing.
    • Shoe rack –  I remove my shoes before I enter the rig and they stay at the entrance.  No more tripping over stacks of shoes on the floor. The compact design of this shoe rack can effectively use the space and not added weight to the rig as it is plastic.
  • Staying connected while enjoying nature
    • Roku stick – Have you gone to a campground and the TV cable does not work?  All you need is a streaming stick attached to your TV.  Set up your Roku account and you will be able to watch Nextflx, Hulu and many other movie streaming channels.  You can also watch live TV stations by selecting the Roku channel and clicking on Live TV.   Watch the local news channel where ever you are by downloading the Haystack News channel and adding your favorite channels. You do need to be connected to the internet.  I use my phone hot spot from Verizon or connect to the campground internet service. It is worth saying that you only set up the stick once so next time you use it you will still have all your add-ons programmed.
    • RV Cell Signal extender – This is a device that will allow you to extend and get a strong cell phone signal. This gadget comes handy if you are using you cell phone as a hot spot. I does require installation but it is a simple process.
  • For your outdoor oasis:
    • Outdoor mat – Being away from home doesn’t mean that we cannot have a beautiful outdoor patio in front of the rig. This lightweight stylish rug is 8″ x 18″ to enlarge your entertaining area so say good-bye to placing two rugs to get a larger patio. It is washable and it comes with a storage bag.
    • High-back collapsible chair – Say good-bye to those uncomfortable chairs that make your back hurt and it makes it hard to get up once you seat.  It is a great support lightweight chair that does not take much storage space.
    • Easy to Assemble Pop-up Gazebo – Have you ever been camping and the mosquitos had a feast with you? This lightweight instant pop-up gazebo assembles in a few minutes it is ideal for solo travelers although it can comfortably fit 5 People -72” x 72.”  There are sides available for purchase separately.
    • Lightweight, Collapsible, Portable, Outdoor Camping Table – This is a hard top table that rolls up in a small back for storage & weights only 3.5 lbs.
    • Wearable Blanket Hoodie for you and your Pooch – Seat by the campfire and stay nice and warm with this blanket hoodie and keep you best friend in your pocket.

Enjoying the outdoors should be a trouble free activity and having the comfort of home makes our stay at the campground more enjoyable.

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Stay well, stay safe and enjoy life always looking for “fun around the corner.”