The New Normal In America

A couple of months ago we were mandated to “stay home” in order to help contain the spread of the Novel Corona Virus -COVID-19. We seat by the TV to hear the latest news o how this horrible virus has affected many people and the many who have not survived. People who are adhering to the request of the government officials to stay home and prevent getting sick are helping to control the virus but there are those who don’t seem to understand and continue to disobey the social distancing guidelines. After watching the movie “Contagion” and “Outbreak” I felt like the movie became a reality. The outbreak, the concealment of facts, the secret vaccine not available to the common man, the scenes in the hospitals, and the many dead bodies. It is horrifying how a movie can become a reality so quickly! Friends have told me how at their hospitals they have the refrigerated trucks with hundreds of dead people in them. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those with the responsibility to bring the deceased to those refrigerators!

Many of us have used the isolation time to get things done in the house. The things we never have time to do like organizing the closet, purging the many years of storing memories, and taking advantage of the much-needed rest. The solitude and social distancing to prevent cross-contamination have been the two things we have all been practicing. Many have turned to the internet. I have seen many talented people singing and performing in the “Quarantine Karaoke.” Perhaps it is a true fact that necessity can lead us to find ways to develop our skills, invent new products, and even reinvent ourselves. LOL

After I completed my first 15 days of isolation, I decided to go to the store to purchase some essential items. It was a new world out there and things were completely different from the last time I went to the supermarket. I was wearing my mask and gloves to ensure I didn’t touch or accidentally caught the airborne droplets of an infected person. There were barricades to enter the store, marks on the floor indicating where to stand to measure six feet from the other person, and waiting to enter when allowed. Inside lines on the floor indicated the direction one should go with the shopping cart keeping the six feet distance from the other shopper. The overhead paging system kept telling shoppers to hurry up and complete the purchase to allow the customers who were outside to come in and do their shopping. They counted people out and that was the number of people allowed to go in. Signs indicated that individuals must wear masks in order to enter the supermarket.

It certainly has been an experience I never thought I was going to see in my life. The constant concern that lives inside us thinking we may become contaminated and may not be able to overcome this disease perhaps dying. Those who enter hospitals have to say goodbye to their families because visitors are not allowed. Many will die and only the healthcare professional will be next to them in that departure moment. Going to work and seeing the workstations ready to take your temperature to ensure that employees are not contaminated was traumatizing for many. Just the thought of knowing they were going to take my temperature raised my blood pressure. It is amazing how healthcare workers are taught to “handwash” and to continuously wash your hands to prevent cross-contamination. I remember going to the bathroom and seeing many women coming out without washing their hands. I am not surprised that this pandemic spread so quickly. I just hope this virus goes away soon so we can resume business as usual. Although to be honest I think I will want to continue to wear my mask in crowded places and maintain social distance even when this is over. We all have to be conscious about washing our hands at all times. Also not to bring shoes inside the house, keep a pair of slippers by the door, and change before going any further to keep germs outside. Sanitize all doorknobs, water faucets, and anything that may have been touched when arriving from a trip to the store or work. This is the New Normal.

I can’t wait to be able to get in the RV and go somewhere. Living in NY does not leave me much room at the moment as we have been advised not to travel anywhere unless is essential travel. Besides, I think just having NY license plates is a giveaway. People are scared these days and I could imagine I head out to West Virginia and get stopped by a trooper who is germophobic and I probably end up in jail. Thank goodness I was never sick but I complied and have completed so far 34 days of quarantine. I was tested and my lab results returned negative for COVID-19. I will remain home until we are given the “all clear.” The yard needs work so I am going to start getting it ready to open the pool. I think this year the pool might be a good change from being in the house. LOL

As the new norm takes over society we should only hope this pandemic gets under control very soon so we can begin some sense of normalcy, enjoy summer and the outdoors!!!