The Airlines fine print on an issued ticket and airport long waits

During the past few weeks we have seen in the news how airlines have mistreated passengers, thrown them out of the plane, and totally harrassed individuals who have paid high dollars for their tickets.    It is outrageous to see how basically they can get away with bumping one out of a flight without regards.   There are no guarantees according to a news report I watched recently.  Apparently there is a fine print, small enough for any of us to be able to see, in which they inform the passengers of their right to bump anyone of their flights.

I have been flying a lot lately in fact am exhausted from all the going and coming as part of required jobs and it never occurred to me to read the fine print.  In fact I have never had any issues as I feel that if I stick to one airline my frequent flyer status helps me not to get bumped.  But recently our Company’s travel agent had to put me on an airline other than Delta and trouble began.  A  week ago my flight got cancelled while I was in California and the airline  arbitrarily put me on a flight for the next day. That of course disrupted my agenda as I had meetings the next day starting early in the morning.  Today again on my way to California my flight got cancelled and I got a message saying I was put on a connecting flight tomorrow.  Of course I panic as meetings are scheduled and it would not look very good if I didn’t show.  I did everything the news said to do in order not to get bumped: check in and arrive early to the airport, but it didn’t help.  On every occassion I was glad the Company has a travel agent and that I have his cell number.  He immediately gets on his computer and gets me on a different intinerary to get to my destination.  In spite of having this wonderful travel agent I still have to wait many hours to accommodate the new intinerary that was not on my agenda.  But am glad that at least I can get to my destination when I need to.  Unfortunately, where I am going Delta does not have any flights so I have had to go using airlines that have been in the news.

Overall I just can’t wait for the start of our RVing season so we can drive and enjoy this beautiful American Country.  I just have a few more trips before we can enjoy our time out of the madness of airports!!!!

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