Down in Myrtle Beach with a Not Invited Guest in the RV

Last year in June we headed down to South Carolina to begin our summer vacation. We started our RVing season late because of a death in the family. We had planned to drive all the way down to SC then on the way back stop at different landmarks we had always wanted to visit.  We traveled from NY Orange County on 84 W to 81 and down to 64 and finally I95.  It was a long ride, we stopped along I95 around 6:30pm at a Pilot center to sleep for the night.  We planned to get up early to continue our journey to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We arrived at the campground around 11 am.  There was such a traffic jam on the main road and the temperature was over 90 degrees. We got our site number and began to drive through a beautiful campground.  It was different from the campgrounds in the Northeast that we are used to go.  The sites were kind of small and it was packed with RVs.   We drove on a beach road to the site and parked the RV.  We got a site that was next to the beach. There were no trees and the sun was hitting the RV right on it.  It must have been over 92 deg. We started our routine Lori does the inside set up and I do the outside.  I started to connect the electricity so we can start the a/c and set up the hoses but I was sweating so hard my t-shirt was wet.  I could not wait to get inside the RV but I still had to set up the chairs and get the grill ready.  I was trying to hurry.

Our friends arrived and the had the campsite next to us. They went through the same routine to set up their camp.  We all then went to the beach. The sand was burning my feet and the sun made me feel like I had no energy for anything. Our friends and Lori wanted to get in the water.  I contemplated the huge waves and questioned myself as to whether or not I wanted to take a chance. Overall I am very careful and I don’t really do any sports or anything that looks like a risky situation and my life may be in danger.  But I did go in the water very carefully and held the hand of my friends.  “One is coming …. jump!!!”  My friend would loudly call out every time a big wave was coming.  I jumped and jumped and jumped, and finally I said this is not for me am out of here!!  I went and sat under a cozy umbrella and tried to stay cool with a nice cold beer!  In spite of the heat we enjoyed that evening by the water and returned to grill some burgers and more.  It was so hot that our bathing suits dried very quickly.  We talked about our drive, the traffic jams, the sleep over at the rest stop and the final few miles before we got to the campground.  We talked about how crowded the campground was and how close from each other the sites were.  After a few glasses of wine it was time for us to retire for the night. After all it was a long trip and the heat had made us feel so tired.

We said good night and we went to the RV to retire for the night or at least that is what we thought!  Being animal lovers we always travel with our two miniature dachshunds Lady bug and Pudgie.  Our friends also brought their pet cat “May May,”  We were in bed when our little dachshund named Pudgie decided to use his hunting skills.  He kept on walking back and forth, searching and barking under the refrigerator.  We got up to see what was going on and we could not see what was bothering him. By now it was around 11:30pm and we could not get him to stop searching.  Immediately we figured out that had brought from NY a not invited guest and we needed some help.  What could we do at that hour of the night or who could we call?  We instantly remember our friends had a cat!!! So we dialed and said “can we borrow MayMay”? Our friends answered “What’? We told them the story and they came over …. without the cat I must say.  Lori and one of our friends got on their knees and began to disassemble things to see if they found what Pudgie was barking about.  They search and search, got the vacuum and it was almost comical to see them searching for a long time.  I sat with her partner to watch them conduct the thorough search while we had something to eat as it seemed like the perfect time for a snack.  We never found any not invited guest that night.  All they found was lots of nut shells under the refrigerator.   Perhaps he was there and got out down in Myrtle Beach. The NY mouse probably made a home in the woods by the shore line, we really didn’t care where he went other than outside our RV.  One thing for sure, the next day I got up early and got steel wool and a can of pestblock insulating foam sealant and covered every gap that I could find under the RV.  We didn’t have any more visitors thereafter and Pudgie was able to sleep without having to search for crawling pests.  We left Myrtle Beach a few days after, the weather never got any cooler in fact we even had a thunderstorm while we were there.  We rode up 95 to Topping,Virginia to our next campground and traveling adventure.  The next place was more like the campgrounds we are used to visit. Enormous camp sites, lots of grass, plenty trees and it was much cooler.   We had a wonderful time and we visited many places.  While we sat by the pool and thought about the next place we were going to visit we both agree that finding fun around the corner is much easier than working a full-time job!!!

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