Traveling for work

For many going to work is as simple as getting in their car or train and ride for a few minutes to begin their day. For others it requires to get on a plane a couple of days per week to reach the destination where the task must be completed. For many years I had a consistent way to get to work, I rode the train that took me downtown Manhattan and I walked a few blocks to get to my place of work.  I met many wonderful people from different disciplines, I made friends that I still keep in touch with and learned to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is along the Hudson river. I have many good memories as well as some scary moments especially during the 911 incident or the fatal train accident in the Hudson line a few years ago.  Fortunately, I was not in any of those events but the thought of how close we come every single day to tragedies stays vivid in my mind.  The world seems to be getting worse and terrorists seem to continue to instill panic on all of us. Unfortunately I don’t see things getting better and politics continue to go in every direction except working for us the American people.

The last few months my job has transitioned into a new phase that has included a lot of traveling. Quite frequently I find myself at airports observing all of the travelers whether they’re going to work or on a family vacation. I have also seen those very sad as if they were going to a place to share sadness perhaps to see somebody who is sick or someone who has passed on.  Whichever is the circumstance everybody seems to be rushing from one end of the airport to the other, running on those movable sidewalks, passing by very quickly and brushing against everyone rolling the suitcases at high-speed.  

If you seat by the gate to wait for the call to board the plane you get to see many things and many interactions happening. This particular time I observed a young couple, she was trying very hard to please her companion. It didn’t matter what she said he continued to belittered her screaming, and embarrassing her with loud insulting comments.  The young woman was so embarrassed that she had no other option but to walk away from him. I observed from the distance and although it was quite far I could still hear his insults towards her. I thought what would be the circumstances this woman finds herself in which makes her feel that she has to endure this abuse.  I recently saw in a news clip that many woman stay in a domestic abuse relationship because of the financial burden of sustaining themselves and their children.  They feel trapped and see no way out. This is only one sample of what is happening throughout the United States.  Yet we continue to see politicians trying to reduce or eliminate services that provide help to women in need.  This week is a very important week, we must all contact our elected officials and urge them to reconsider the American healthcare act and vote in favor of the people.  Think about the underlying factors not even being discussed and diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes currently covered under medical insurance being considered pre-existing conditions and not covered under the new plans. 

Think about the mere core values this nation was founded upon welcoming immigrants in search of the American dream. Think about communist countries and what was the path that took them to their political status today.   Is America following a path of no return allowing racism, segregation and a supreme class of individuals who will have the power to tell us what we do, say and eat? 

We must wake up as a nation and unite in one voice for American rights. The right our founders fought for and documented in the Declaration of Independence. We the People.. have the power. We must then use it. 

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