My trip down to NYC

Got up early to start my journey as usual except that today I decided to ride the train down to NYC. Normally I would drive but given that it is the holiday season there are also gridlock traffic alerts in place. I got to the train station early and decided to try the new MTA e tickets app to purchase my round trip tickets. One of my co workers introduced me to the app but I had not used it yet. It seemed to me that the Metro North conductor would be able to get my ticket since I had not seen them with any scanning devices the last time I rode the train. Either way it was the fastest way for me to get a ticket so I launched the app and got the ticket. Followed the instructions “slide arrow to get the ticket” “activate just before boarding” I didn’t know what it would show on that last instruction so I proceeded to the train station. I heard the Beep indicating I received the receipt and that made me feel good since that was a sign that the purchase went through. The train arrived and I boarded then activated the ticket and bingo a barcode appeared. I thought to myself, now I have to make sure the screen saver does not kick in before the conductor comes. Finally the conductor showed up and I showed my screen just like at the airport. I expected a scan but she just looked at the ticket, unlike at the airport where the scan your ticket and they know that you boarded. It seems like a necessary step as if there was an accident on the train they would know I am there and to search for me. Safety was always one of the things that worried me when I took this train on a regular basis and there were thousands of commuters that cannot be accounted for by name. How do they really know how many casualties or injured if there is no record of anyone being there. Perhaps I will write to my Senator Schumer!!!!

I enjoyed the ride down the shore line of the river. The water was calm, no ducks in the water but of course was very early. The view of the snow on the mountains and the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous and yet so peaceful. I listened to Christmas music just to be in the holiday mood. Very relaxing ride unlike when I drive in the midst of craziness and traffic.

The train arrived at Harlem and I began to see the traffic and the many tall buildings. What a difference from being in the country with trees and one level homes. Once at Grand Central Station is like a flood gate was opened, except what was coming out were hundreds of people. The many people rushed to go in different directions, the street, the subway or simply go shopping. Everyone seems to be rushing somewhere, they walk so fast that if you pause for one second you could possibly end up on the ground! Some people do love this madness Im just ok coming to work here and head north as quickly as possible to enjoy the country and relax without the sounds of a big metropolis. Too many people, too much traffic and everything happens in a New York minute, this City is not about slowing down and relaxing. This is about moving fast and getting things done as quickly as possible. Knowing that all of this madness is left behind and I can go find “fun around the corner” is the best reward anyone can look forward to at the end of a hard day.

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