How to create a blog using Bluehost

For as long as I remember I always liked to write. As a child I kept a small journal in which I maintained a log about the events of the day.  As an adult I keep journals of my day, and of all my meetings in order to keep track of what I need to plan or complete.  It is a way to practice an art I love.  Some health professionals believe that writing is a good tool for expressing your feelings and therefore begin emotional healing.  Writing has been linked to happiness and even improving a person’s mood.  If you think about this concept perhaps you are already practicing this process. An example is jotting down the pros and cons of a new venture and review them before a decision is made.

A few months back I got introduced to blogging and I began my journey to put into a newsletter format my thoughts about our trips, life issues and anything I considered interesting. I have enjoyed writing and have discovered that there are many venues I can use to reach my audience.  Technology continues to evolve and visual effects can be added to any written document. As I continue to publish you will see more photos, videos and graphics to enhance the story.  Just a few days ago a friend asked me how can one begin a blog?  I thought the best way to explain it would be to write a blog about it and add a video to help visualizing the steps.  It is a very simple process and anyone can do it.  Below find these simple steps that can help you get started.

  1. Determine what is going to be the topic (s) you would like to discuss in your blog.  It could be a number of things or areas of expertise you would like to discuss.  i.e. life issues, children, pets, do it yourself taks, hobbies, etc.
  2. Define the audience.  i.e. woman, parents, elderly, Perennials, Milennials, clubs, etc.
  3. Come up with the name of the blog.  Remember the name will also be what you use for your webpage domain. For instance I selected “Fun Around the Corner” as my blog name and this is also my web address
  4. Get a Hosting service.  This is a technology service provided by a specific company in order for your blog to be viewed in the internet.  A great company to host you blog or website is Bluehost (click here to go to Bluehost). Here you can obtain your domain and host your page for an economic cost.  You can start with a basic service.(Disclaimer: Fun Around the Corner receives commission for every new account opened using this link)
  5. Once you have obtain your account with Bluehost (click here to go to Bluehost) you will need to set up a password.
  6. You will be able to download WordPress & select a Theme for your blog.
  7. Get a social media account and link it to your blog to share your posts with your social media followers.
  8. Now you are ready to begin writing your first post.
  9. Download and watch the Bluehost Blog Steps  (click on Blue Blog Steps) video to see screen shots of the steps listed above.

As you begin your writer’s journey it will become easier to write about the interesting people you meet, the interesting places you visit and about the new adventures you encounter.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any question or if these steps were helpful to you.

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